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Steven Fletcher's
Full Time RVer Aptitude Test

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As a full time RVer I’ve used my experience and knowledge to develop this test and have tried my best to make it useful and accurately reflect what it takes to be a happy full time RVer. But my primary reason for creating the Full Time RVer Aptitude Test was to provide a fun, simple way to get you to think about what it means to be a full time RVer and what is involved in becoming one. I want you to consider how your own lifestyle and desires translate to a full timer lifestyle.

Everyone is different and there is really no ‘typical’ full time RVer profile so you should not let your test score sway you either way from your consideration of the full time RVing lifestyle.

Take your time and think about the questions but don’t over think your answers. There are no ‘trick’ questions and no right answers. Trying to second guess which answers are the best ones will not get you a gold star. This exercise is to help you and it’s up to you how much it helps.

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